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Features & benefits

Rapid analysis

Under 4 hours to determine sequence strains (including upload, processing and download)

Relatedness matrix

with potential to compare sequence to all other sequences globally.

User interface

with real-time insights about sequence and genomic epidemiology.

Pathogen agnostic

meaning the first use case is SARS-CoV-2 but will expand to TB with other pathogen candidates also being considered.


technology can incorporate sequences from Oxford-Nanopore and Illumina with other platforms to be added.

Global application

offering first-of-its-kind standardised processing anywhere in the world, plus ability to compare data and store/link data in global repositories.

Free at point of service

for academic and research labs in low- and middle-income countries.


service donated by Oracle to drive interoperability, speed and standardised approach.


storage of data, with multiple data-sharing options, to protect autonomous control over information and health data.


with minimal metadata and removal of all personal identifiable information.

Get in touch

Contact us for demos and more detailed information on the solution. We are also interested in exploring further opportunities for partnership.